Sunday, February 28, 2010

the dean and dan show

The two Canadian designers, Dean and Dan, of Dsquared have risen in the crazy world of women's fashion since their debut showing in 2004. They are always doing something new and innovating that manages to capture the eyes of fashion-a-holics and Joe Blow down the street, when they had Rihanna going down the runway, you tell me half the world did not know about it (their marketability is so incredibly amazing to me).

Their recent fall/winter showing was no different than any other, in that it was AMAZING! It was leather, red, fur and fierceness all wrapped up into one. Their clothing is always very edgy and aggressive but somehow they put it all together and are still able to make their line very wearable. Although there were a couple of pieces that I thought to myself, "when the hell would someone wear that?" but with a beautiful design and and great fabric who wouldn't want to wear it (or at least try).

When would this be worn,I don't know but isn't it crazy?

The thigh high (and I mean literally upper thigh length boots.... no exaggeration) were incredible and seemed like something that a stylish dominatrix would wear. They were high and gave the illusion that the models were nine feet tall. While we're on the topic of the heel height, I have to tell you about the heel itself. It was so crazy, it was white and looked like it was a curly/wavy stem. I have no idea how those girls managed to stand, let alone walk in them. I am by no means a "heel" person but for some reason, these heels spoke to me and said, "Venetia, buy me". If I could afford these beauties, I would for sure pick them up.

And the amazing brown fur coat that they paired with the delightfully bright red strapless mid thigh length dress was superb. It was just so big and with an outrageously large collar that you couldn't help but love it. I'm sure Ms. Wintour loved it as well, and not just because it was fur people but also for the great shape and fit.

They also showed THE cutest little black gloves imaginable. They were cropped gloves (I have no other idea about how to describe them) and it looked like there was some sort of little bow on them, cute right?

Check the gloves

O000, and the cropped grey pants that they paired with the sequined bow tie were masculine with a feminine twist all at the same time. Loved it!

If you get a minute check out the show on their website here.

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