Thursday, February 25, 2010

guido's cinema italiano

Nine, the broadway musical that has recently been made into a movie is FANTASTIC! The acting, the singing, the songs and best of all the costumes were right on point with the glamorous lifestyle of Guido Contini (played by the always great Daniel Day Lewis). It's not a wonder why the film was nominated for best costume design in a motion picture.

The film alternates between dialogue in the "real life" and the singing and dancing world where characters are able to express themselves to the audience without the knowledge of other characters. Both worlds show very different costumes ideas but are equally fabulous.

The real world is full of 60's inspired clothing. The suits that Guido wears are great in showing European fashion, from the tailored jacket and slacks that hit just below the ankle with pointy leather shoes, all in black, with a gorgeous (and probably cotton) dress shirt and black tie that hits just above the belt and is a square cut finish. All of which is topped off by one of his many italian-esque hats and a pair of what look to be rayban wayfarers. His character is just oozing with effortless cool and I loved every moment of it.

Then there's the women of guido's life, his mama, his wife Louisa, his mistress Carla and the countless others that he cannot live without.

Marion Cotillard plays Guido's wife and I think she is one of THE best outfitted characters in the film. Her style is simple and tasteful, with her simple black dresses, pinned back hair and her effortlessness of it all are very parisian in style (go figure her character was raised in Paris).

Judi Dench's character plays the costume designer for Guido's films (if you're confused read the synopsis here). The countless outfits that her character makes, range from being extravagant and vegas showgirl like the sequiny feathered number to a long creme colored gown that she designs for Nicole Kidman's character.

Top all of the outfits off with a coffee and a cigarette hanging out of EVERYONE's mouth and you got Europe.

This movie was so good, and I am trying to get everyone I know to watch it. So if there's anyone out there who have not seen it yet, go, check it out. You'll love the "glamorously Latin world that only Guido can portray"

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