Thursday, February 11, 2010

the amazing legacy that is A. McQueen

The shocking news of hearing that the talented and amazing designer that is Alexander McQueen was found dead earlier in his flat in London is absolutely astonishing to me.

I was never really a fan of McQueen's, I found his work to be to crazy and over the top... don't get me wrong I love the dramatics (John Galliano much, love him) but the whole alien shoe thing, I was over it in half a heartbeat, but he was none the less a very creative and innovative human being let alone designer. He created trends broke them down and then made new ones (does anyone else remember those skull scarves that everyone and their mothers wore?). With the recent passing of his mother it is assumed by many that the loss was too great of a pressure for him to deal with (I'm just saying that's what I've been hearing).

So here's to A. McQueen, one hell of a designer and creator, RIP.

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