Sunday, February 21, 2010

the quest

The awesomeness that is the website is a great place to showcase your own personal style and see the fabulous style of others all the while being able to comment and "hype" the looks that you like. Unfortunately you can only do one of those things if you are not priveed to being a member. For the people out there reading this in complete confusion: lookbook only allows members to show their outfits and comment (well you can also apparently comment via facebook... but that doesn't mean you are a member).

Hey lookbook let me in! (photo that was obviously on

SO you think, well easy, just sign up. No folks, unfortunately that is not how things work in that community. For you to become a member you must a. be invited by a current member or b. apply.

Let me tell you, I applied and still no answer. Is my style not what the people at lookbook want? I'm not sure, but I like to think that fashion is about personal expression and trying new and interesting things with your wardrobe and that's what I'm hoping they think at lookbook as well.

I desperately want to join and become a member. Why you might ask would someone put themselves through the hassle of applying? Well because being able to show my style and comment and hype and stuff on people's outfits seems pretty cool. Letting someone else know that you dig what they're doing is nice and gives you a way to express your opinion. Do we not compliment our friends on their new haircuts or cute new shirt? Well it's the same thing but on a different level.

I guess I could just give up wanting and wait and see what happens with my application. But you see that's not me. Let me put it differently, it's like when someone tells you there is something super cool inside a bag and just as you reach for it the person who told about the super cool thing tells you abruptly that you have to have the password in order to open the bag. Gah it's kind of frustrating, no?

Sorry, that was kind of a pointless explanation.

Needless to say I have set out on a quest to try and find someone who is already a member and somehow convince them to "invite" me because the whole waiting for lookbook to accept me, is slowing killing me... can you tell I just have so much patience (I hope that came across as sarcastic as it sounded in my head. I'm not really known for being the most obvious person with sarcasm).

So, if you or anyone you know is a member let them know about me, maybe they wanna give a girl a hand.

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