Sunday, June 27, 2010

bagging nyc

I am currently in search of the perfect bag to take with me for our NYC trip. It has to be big, but not huge. Cute with a practical side and finally something that I can carry by my side that won't leave me vulnerable to pick pocketers (last time I went I got 150 bucks stolen).

The perfect bag/purse is so hard to find. There are lots of different things that go into the perfect bag for each persons needs. I'm hoping I'll find something worthwhile. I'm even willing to spend a little more than usual for something that I'm going to love and be perfect for the trip.

I've been checking a few websites and stuff and here's some of the ones I've found. Some are wishers some are realistic. 

The Brothers Bray and Co. Tote Company $88.00.... can be found at Urban Outfitters

Deena and Ozzy Menswear Tote $58.00.... can be found at Urban Outfitters

Mulberry Bayswater..... TOO MUCH!

Dooney and Burke $350... can be found at The Bay Square One
(not in this yellow though... maybe in black or brown)

As of right now I'm thinking of going with the last one. It's functional/practical and will fit all my shiz for NYC.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

live in black and white

Another major wish list item for summer is any black and white graphic tee! I personally like the shirt to be just long enough to wear with tights, so it almost functions as a dress. Designers have been creating their own silly phrases and pictures that I would just love to walk around wearing. Plus, t-shirts work on everyone, for any occasion, and can be dressed up or down.
Another plus is that if you're super broke you can just make your own.

Karl Who? graphic tee designed by Naco Paris

Even Mr. Lagerfeld is a fan!

Christopher Lee Sauve shirt inspired by Rachel Zoe and her (overly used) catchphrases "I DIE" and "BANANAS"

Another Christopher Lee Sauve design, in an attempt to "SAVE ANNA"

Coco Chanel tribute shirt being sold on Etsy (this is the length I like my tees)

Factory Fox has brilliant t- shirts on their website, my favourites being "I AM BFF WITH ANNA WINTOUR" and the iconic Viktor and Rolf cutout dress from SS'10 runway

Hellz Bellz offered a limited edition shirt honouring the late alexander mcqueen proclaiming, "LONG LIVE MCQUEEN"

Alright, I'm done.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

who could be scared of a jeffrey

I am among many who are in LOVE with Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They are fun, exciting and best of all they can be outfit finishers!

Well, I am on a bit of a budget... NYC at the end of August (Bah can't wait!)... so when I saw these shoes at Winners I thought immediately of Jeffrey Campbell's.

Shoes from Winners

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell

Go by Winners, especially if it isn't usually one of your usual go to stores,  you'll be pleasantly surprised by the steals/finds you might see.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

our wish list

Over the next little while, we'll be letting you know what's on our wish list for the summer. 

First up on our list, any adorable and extremely whimsical graphics. This works best on a light cotton tee, summer dress, or knee length skirt.

These detachable collars and bandeau by Miu Miu scream whimsy...loudly
The prints come in cats, birds, and even naked bodies.

This Prada lipstick skirt may not exactly be current, since it was for spring/summer 2000 show, but that doesn't make it any less summery! Carrie Bradshaw also wore this skirt in an episode of sex and the city, so take advice from her and let this inspire your wardrobe this season.

Another amazing gift from Prada (2001) presumably to go with the already made lipstick skirt, came lip printed jumpsuits (mine please!), skirts and dresses