Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a farewell to Bryant Park

New York fashion week fast approaches and the mad dash begins for the last minute preparations, as designers, writers, models and all those in between get ready for the whirlwind of a ride that the coming week will bring... all the months of planning and sleepless nights are all for a few minutes down the runway when your work is put on display for what a hundred witness, and what millions will later see in magazines, on blogs and in websites and stores.

The anticipation is killing me, a mere spectator, so I couldn't even imagine what a designer must feel like.

I am particularly looking forward to, what will surely be a memorable show, by Marc Jacobs. He is going to be doing a live feed for his upcoming show on Monday February 15, 2010 beginning at 8pm. Check the link.

His business partner Robert Duffy has been tweeting (I hate twitter but I HAVE been following Mr. Duffy's tweets to keep up with the news) all over the place about the upcoming show and little tid bits about what's going on in Marc's life (he's doing a movie, writing a book, doing a photo shoot with Juergen Teller....love him)

I am so excited for the show! Seeing how I live in Canada and we don't have a Marc by Marc Jacobs store up here (the closest thing to getting anything by the designer from his ready to wear line is from a mucho expensive store called Holt Renfrew or hoping that Aritzia gets something.... let me tell you, they NEVER do) and I will be going to NYC this summer with my friends, so you know where we'll be stopping off for sure..... Bleeker Street here we come.

two twitpics that Robert Duffy Uploaded via Twitter (well obviously)

Wow it's funny how when you go off on tangents you really lose where you were going.....

Back on track, NY fashion week and Bryant Park. The shows will be stupendous this year (I hope) and with this being the last year that it is held in Bryant Park there has been much speculation that there will be some neat surprises in store. With a legacy of over 15 years, Bryant park has served the fashion community well, it has been a landmark of New York Fashion Week since forever. It is the place where many western designers dream of showcasing, models aspire to strut down and mini fashionistas envision as their future homes for 2 weeks out of the year.

I am sad to say that there will never be another tent seen there nor another one of Betsey Johnson's infamous cartwheels being thrown crazily down the runway, but hopefully the new (and much larger) venue at the Lincoln Center will spawn new memories and feelings and create the same sort of presence that Bryant Park has for all those years. Only time will tell, but until then I am going to pretend like Bryant Park is where fashion week will always be and take the Lincoln Center in next year.

Check out the schedule for this year's shows:

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