Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Marc Jacobs show was put on a live webcast on Monday, and of course my computer decided to mess with my emotions and deny me the privilege to watch it with the countless other die hards. Thankfully the site now has the show posted and up for viewing. So if you haven't seen it yet, I advise you to check it out.

The colors were neutral and the fabrics were moveable and fantastic, what more could you ask for from a line. The show opened up with Marc (looking dapper as ever in a black fitted suit) and his business partner Robert Duffy tearing off a brown paper sheet to reveal a simple box filled with models that perfectly displayed the exquisitely simple, yet complex (I know oxymoron much... but it's the only way to describe it) mixture of clothing that would make up the Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2010 line.

The remixed "over the rainbow" music began and the show started.

The very feminine three buttoned coats shown were fantastic... never have I wanted to tuck see hair tucked into a coat more. Every model that was wearing a coat (and even some of them wearing sweaters) had this done and it looked great. The coats weren't the only jackets that were well cut and tastefully simple, there was also the countless fur ones that were able to look nice while remaining big and fluffy looking as opposed to bulky.

Marc kept things consistent by having everywhere you looked you'd see a model wearing socks and some form of flats (man does that guy want to pair socks with everything... we all know of his love of socks and sandals, right?). The look made it the right amount of girly, and when it was combined with the defining piece of the fur capes, it added that little bit extra to many of the outfits.

I love belting shirts this way and the long skirt paired with the metallic looking oxfords and oversized neutral socks makes me squeal of joy... this is my favorite outfit of the ENTIRE show.

The cashmere sweaters (well I can only guess that they were cashmere... they looked it and Marc tends to use cashmere frequently for his sweaters) looked great and were very simplistic in style and color (they were left in neutral colors) and went nicely with the long skirts.

The three quarter length leather gloves that were shown are FABULOUS. I just cannot get those out of my head. What would you wear them with on a daily basis? Who knows and who cares with gloves that looked that great I'm sure I could find a way to wear them everyday.

All photo's are from NYmag blog, the cut


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