Monday, February 8, 2010

i got it from my momma.....well my friend's

This hat is absolutely crazy. It was given to my friend by her mother (who used to wear it in the 80's I'm guessing) and somehow I ended up jacking it. It's slowly becoming one of my favorite pieces in my (yup I just said my friend's hat is now my piece) wardrobe and I find myself trying to sneak it into EVERY outfit. Cases in point:

Is it necessary..... I think so...

Cardigan Joe Fresh. Watch Vintage. Shorts Homemade. Tank Unknown.

I wore this to class a few days ago because I thought perhaps the frigid cold weather was taking a day off... to my bad luck the sun shinning does NOT mean it's warm out! I was freezing that day.... well everything except my head/ears which were fortunate enough to have the luck of this magnificent tuque. Don't get me wrong I adore the hat but it also makes me laugh how no matter what you pair it with, it always seems to give off the "tacky but interesting" feel... but I guess it's a look that I am really taken by since the majority of my outfits do have a bit of a ridiculously tacky flair.

Animal Prints...... Can't live with 'em but wouldn't dare to even think about living without 'em.
With that in mind why don't you try an animal print? There is a catch, you must pair it in the most ludicrous way imaginable.... stripes, argyle, polka dots, do it however you want, after all fashion is about having fun and being daring all at the same time. Do you think any good fashionista got anywhere by being cautious?

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  1. Okay so, I know Kiley we did theatre together. You 2 are amazing. My Name is Barrie btw lol. So basically this outfit its bananas legitimately makes me wanna die. YES i watch to much Rachel Zoe Whatever... aha. Just thought I'd shoot you a comment let you know you guys are awesome. Keep it commin