Sunday, February 28, 2010

the dean and dan show

The two Canadian designers, Dean and Dan, of Dsquared have risen in the crazy world of women's fashion since their debut showing in 2004. They are always doing something new and innovating that manages to capture the eyes of fashion-a-holics and Joe Blow down the street, when they had Rihanna going down the runway, you tell me half the world did not know about it (their marketability is so incredibly amazing to me).

Their recent fall/winter showing was no different than any other, in that it was AMAZING! It was leather, red, fur and fierceness all wrapped up into one. Their clothing is always very edgy and aggressive but somehow they put it all together and are still able to make their line very wearable. Although there were a couple of pieces that I thought to myself, "when the hell would someone wear that?" but with a beautiful design and and great fabric who wouldn't want to wear it (or at least try).

When would this be worn,I don't know but isn't it crazy?

The thigh high (and I mean literally upper thigh length boots.... no exaggeration) were incredible and seemed like something that a stylish dominatrix would wear. They were high and gave the illusion that the models were nine feet tall. While we're on the topic of the heel height, I have to tell you about the heel itself. It was so crazy, it was white and looked like it was a curly/wavy stem. I have no idea how those girls managed to stand, let alone walk in them. I am by no means a "heel" person but for some reason, these heels spoke to me and said, "Venetia, buy me". If I could afford these beauties, I would for sure pick them up.

And the amazing brown fur coat that they paired with the delightfully bright red strapless mid thigh length dress was superb. It was just so big and with an outrageously large collar that you couldn't help but love it. I'm sure Ms. Wintour loved it as well, and not just because it was fur people but also for the great shape and fit.

They also showed THE cutest little black gloves imaginable. They were cropped gloves (I have no other idea about how to describe them) and it looked like there was some sort of little bow on them, cute right?

Check the gloves

O000, and the cropped grey pants that they paired with the sequined bow tie were masculine with a feminine twist all at the same time. Loved it!

If you get a minute check out the show on their website here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

guido's cinema italiano

Nine, the broadway musical that has recently been made into a movie is FANTASTIC! The acting, the singing, the songs and best of all the costumes were right on point with the glamorous lifestyle of Guido Contini (played by the always great Daniel Day Lewis). It's not a wonder why the film was nominated for best costume design in a motion picture.

The film alternates between dialogue in the "real life" and the singing and dancing world where characters are able to express themselves to the audience without the knowledge of other characters. Both worlds show very different costumes ideas but are equally fabulous.

The real world is full of 60's inspired clothing. The suits that Guido wears are great in showing European fashion, from the tailored jacket and slacks that hit just below the ankle with pointy leather shoes, all in black, with a gorgeous (and probably cotton) dress shirt and black tie that hits just above the belt and is a square cut finish. All of which is topped off by one of his many italian-esque hats and a pair of what look to be rayban wayfarers. His character is just oozing with effortless cool and I loved every moment of it.

Then there's the women of guido's life, his mama, his wife Louisa, his mistress Carla and the countless others that he cannot live without.

Marion Cotillard plays Guido's wife and I think she is one of THE best outfitted characters in the film. Her style is simple and tasteful, with her simple black dresses, pinned back hair and her effortlessness of it all are very parisian in style (go figure her character was raised in Paris).

Judi Dench's character plays the costume designer for Guido's films (if you're confused read the synopsis here). The countless outfits that her character makes, range from being extravagant and vegas showgirl like the sequiny feathered number to a long creme colored gown that she designs for Nicole Kidman's character.

Top all of the outfits off with a coffee and a cigarette hanging out of EVERYONE's mouth and you got Europe.

This movie was so good, and I am trying to get everyone I know to watch it. So if there's anyone out there who have not seen it yet, go, check it out. You'll love the "glamorously Latin world that only Guido can portray"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

burberry... yes please

I absolutely love men's fashion, the cut of the clothing, the style and the masculinity (and sometimes feminine flair) drive me crazy, in a good way of course. My taste in men's fashion ranges from the clothing over at The Row and Rag & Bone to that of Dior Homme (at it's height with Hedi Slimane), Marc by Marc Jacobs and last but certainly not least there is Burberry.

Christopher Bailey, creative director of the Burberry Prorsum line, never lets a men's fashion lover down. From the coats to the fabulous mid calf lace up boots, the entire collection for the fall/winter 2010 season was fantastic.

Ever since Christopher Bailey's first show for Burberry, he has been praised for his innovation of their signature piece, the trench. He is able to give a modern twist to this classic yet still keep the long standing tradition of great traditional style that Burberry lovers adore. The military inspired greenish knee length coat was gorgeous. The oversized collar and intricate detailing on the buttons were nice added touches to the slim cut jacket. Then there was of course the navy blue double breasted jacket that had the embellishment around the cuffs, I am not really a fan of a lot of shiny additions to men's clothing but this coat is so simple in design that the gold circles spruce up the coat and add a certain je ne sais quoi to it. Bailey kept with similar colors for the many of the jackets and choosing to pair them with the fur lined leather boots gave us a ready to deal with the cold in style feel.

Many of the outfits modeled showed these great slacks...

They seemed perfect for everyday and were just tight enough to create shape and show a great leg line (I hate when pants are so baggy you don't know where a persons butt and legs start and finish). They were done in a great dark grey fabric with a pleat down the front and looked comfortable and moveable. There were also many different styles of jean shirts. I noticed that over the last year jean shirts have been really making a comeback (apart of me misses the good ol' days of jean everything... jean shirts, jean jackets, jean, jean, jean, love it!) and the trend keeps on with this season. There was both a dark wash and lighter wash shown at the show (both buttoned up to the very first button) that made the look very casual and stylish.

And then there were the many belted trenches...

Finally it's time to discuss the boots. They looked great and seem like they can be paired with many different outfits which is always great. They appeared in both black and brown leather and laced up only half way. Yeah I know, mid calf boots that only lace up half way do sound a little too feminine for a man to wear without looking like he's borrowed a pair of his girlfriends shoes (don't get me wrong I love when guys wear women inspired clothing and vice versa for the girls but shoes is where I draw the line for guys). But take a look...

All images are from outside sources

Bailey is able to give them a trench/military vibe that makes them oh-so masculine. It was great the way he made the top part looser as they got closer up to the calf so that pants were able to be tucked in and to showcase them.

Great show, great models and fantastic clothing. What's more to love about the Fall/Winter 2010 Burberry Prorsum show?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the quest

The awesomeness that is the website is a great place to showcase your own personal style and see the fabulous style of others all the while being able to comment and "hype" the looks that you like. Unfortunately you can only do one of those things if you are not priveed to being a member. For the people out there reading this in complete confusion: lookbook only allows members to show their outfits and comment (well you can also apparently comment via facebook... but that doesn't mean you are a member).

Hey lookbook let me in! (photo that was obviously on

SO you think, well easy, just sign up. No folks, unfortunately that is not how things work in that community. For you to become a member you must a. be invited by a current member or b. apply.

Let me tell you, I applied and still no answer. Is my style not what the people at lookbook want? I'm not sure, but I like to think that fashion is about personal expression and trying new and interesting things with your wardrobe and that's what I'm hoping they think at lookbook as well.

I desperately want to join and become a member. Why you might ask would someone put themselves through the hassle of applying? Well because being able to show my style and comment and hype and stuff on people's outfits seems pretty cool. Letting someone else know that you dig what they're doing is nice and gives you a way to express your opinion. Do we not compliment our friends on their new haircuts or cute new shirt? Well it's the same thing but on a different level.

I guess I could just give up wanting and wait and see what happens with my application. But you see that's not me. Let me put it differently, it's like when someone tells you there is something super cool inside a bag and just as you reach for it the person who told about the super cool thing tells you abruptly that you have to have the password in order to open the bag. Gah it's kind of frustrating, no?

Sorry, that was kind of a pointless explanation.

Needless to say I have set out on a quest to try and find someone who is already a member and somehow convince them to "invite" me because the whole waiting for lookbook to accept me, is slowing killing me... can you tell I just have so much patience (I hope that came across as sarcastic as it sounded in my head. I'm not really known for being the most obvious person with sarcasm).

So, if you or anyone you know is a member let them know about me, maybe they wanna give a girl a hand.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the hipster

When people hear the word HIPSTER, they automatically jump to one of three conclusion:

1. what the eff is that?
2. hipsters are pretentious wannabes and snobs and should all die
3. *sigh* I wish I was a hipster...

For those of you who do NOT know what a hipster is, here, let me break it down to you. You know those people who you look at and you kind of like their style even with all of the ironic glasses, t- shirts, facial hair (think handle bar mustache), mismatched colors (that somehow manage to look good) and pairing super expensive shoes with a thrift shop jacket.

They have an intense love for the off beat and unknown bands and movies. If their former band becomes popular and the mainstream start to listen to them they will automatically drop them in favor of a lesser known group. They hang out in grimy bars and associate with the artsy type (think photogs and musicians) all the while sipping their Pabst, Budweiser or something of that sort. They most of all pretend not to care about what they "throw" on their body (yes that ripped shirt is intentionally ripped in that exact spot) when they meticulously plan everything down to the vintage wrist watch they chose to wear that day.

Oh and don't forget tons and tons of plaid.

Look for them/try and spot them out in a crowd. Are they not exactly as I described?

For all the haters, you guys should just let them be. They've brought a whole style to the mainstream. Do I love a hipster? Well yeah. They tend to be great dressers and have their own sense of who they are (or at least who they are trying to be). They are THE re-inventors of the geek chic movement. They make it cool to be gawky and weird and have an off beat talent or interest. The hipster made being awkward a sort of exclusive club that everyone wants to be apart of... well not everyone.

Photo found on via Bobby H (click picture to see full view)

The photo above is a perfect example of great hipster style. Note the low cut V-neck, the ironic eyeware (that isn't at all necessary for seeing) and the tightly fitting jeans.... GREAT!

The city where I go to school has a serious lack in hipsters (crazy, I know!) and so when Kiley and I see one when we venture to different places, we do not act like sane individuals. We stare, whisper to one another and then proceed to giggle as soon as we think they are out of ear shot (let me tell you, we never wait long enough and it is most certain that they hear us). Needless to say that I, not only like the hipster "culture", I love it and wish I was apart of it (but everyone knows that no good or legitimate hipster wants to be a hipster, they just are one)

Will I ever be a hipster? Probably not. Will I ever stop my fascination? Eventually, but until then I am content staring, admiring and wishing I could be both as put together and laissez faire as a hipster. Until then wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Marc Jacobs show was put on a live webcast on Monday, and of course my computer decided to mess with my emotions and deny me the privilege to watch it with the countless other die hards. Thankfully the site now has the show posted and up for viewing. So if you haven't seen it yet, I advise you to check it out.

The colors were neutral and the fabrics were moveable and fantastic, what more could you ask for from a line. The show opened up with Marc (looking dapper as ever in a black fitted suit) and his business partner Robert Duffy tearing off a brown paper sheet to reveal a simple box filled with models that perfectly displayed the exquisitely simple, yet complex (I know oxymoron much... but it's the only way to describe it) mixture of clothing that would make up the Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2010 line.

The remixed "over the rainbow" music began and the show started.

The very feminine three buttoned coats shown were fantastic... never have I wanted to tuck see hair tucked into a coat more. Every model that was wearing a coat (and even some of them wearing sweaters) had this done and it looked great. The coats weren't the only jackets that were well cut and tastefully simple, there was also the countless fur ones that were able to look nice while remaining big and fluffy looking as opposed to bulky.

Marc kept things consistent by having everywhere you looked you'd see a model wearing socks and some form of flats (man does that guy want to pair socks with everything... we all know of his love of socks and sandals, right?). The look made it the right amount of girly, and when it was combined with the defining piece of the fur capes, it added that little bit extra to many of the outfits.

I love belting shirts this way and the long skirt paired with the metallic looking oxfords and oversized neutral socks makes me squeal of joy... this is my favorite outfit of the ENTIRE show.

The cashmere sweaters (well I can only guess that they were cashmere... they looked it and Marc tends to use cashmere frequently for his sweaters) looked great and were very simplistic in style and color (they were left in neutral colors) and went nicely with the long skirts.

The three quarter length leather gloves that were shown are FABULOUS. I just cannot get those out of my head. What would you wear them with on a daily basis? Who knows and who cares with gloves that looked that great I'm sure I could find a way to wear them everyday.

All photo's are from NYmag blog, the cut

Monday, February 15, 2010

Live Webcast Tonight!

Don't forget tonight Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2010 Runway show is doing a live webcast tonight at 8 PM EST on his website!

We'll be tuning in, will you?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the amazing legacy that is A. McQueen

The shocking news of hearing that the talented and amazing designer that is Alexander McQueen was found dead earlier in his flat in London is absolutely astonishing to me.

I was never really a fan of McQueen's, I found his work to be to crazy and over the top... don't get me wrong I love the dramatics (John Galliano much, love him) but the whole alien shoe thing, I was over it in half a heartbeat, but he was none the less a very creative and innovative human being let alone designer. He created trends broke them down and then made new ones (does anyone else remember those skull scarves that everyone and their mothers wore?). With the recent passing of his mother it is assumed by many that the loss was too great of a pressure for him to deal with (I'm just saying that's what I've been hearing).

So here's to A. McQueen, one hell of a designer and creator, RIP.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

model nation

The constant buzz surrounding models and their eating habits is as tired as the Jersey Shore cast's attempts at being famous. We all know that not all models live healthy lifestyles (let's face it we've all seen one too many photos of models' limp wrists dangling while clutching a half demolished marlboro light). There is absolutely no way that a healthy lifestyle can produce a 5 foot 10 woman who weighs 130 lbs, I don't care how great of genes you have. None the less we know how things work in this industry and the thinner models are the ones who book the jobs while the curvier ones are (usually) left in the dust.

Don't get me wrong there have been numerous attempts at trying to change things; Milan raising BMI's so that it is slightly above the level of an anorexic person. I'm sorry but raising a BMI to borderline healthy does not mean a person is actually living healthy.

Another feigned attempt to prove that the curvier models deserve a spot in the world of high fashion is the somewhat recent editorial spread in V Magazine where they paired a thin model next to a curvier model in the exact same outfits. Who modeled the outfits better... well it's safe to say the curvier model did. So, why bother even showcasing them side by side? I propose just giving the better model the job. Whoever is better at selling the clothes and making them look good is the person who should be chosen, regardless of size. Take Gemma Ward, a terrific model and a beautiful woman. She gains a bit of weight and loses her 14 year old prepubescent body and she is pretty much forced into early modeling retirement. Not even Heidi had to do that and she is older, way older and has had a bazillion kids.

V Magazine spread

The models of today seem to be formed by one mold, thin and it's too bad that the fashion industry cannot see another side. Even todays male models (love them but they too are taken hostage by the skinny obsessed world we live in) like Cole Mohr, Luke Worrall and Ash Stymest are absurdly thin. I get that there aren't as many male models to their extreme boyishness but none the less male models do tend to be thinner than the average male, and never have I seen any male model that was a bit heavier than the body type that Dolce ads use (I find their models are more muscular than those of say for example Rag and Bone).

As a society we are taught from an early age that thin is good, it's healthy and what little girls are supposed to aspire to be ,while being a bit on the heavier side (not even heavier, just a normal size for the average woman) is not the typical pretty anymore, it's all about smaller this, smaller that and you can wear this but only if you lose 10 lbs. I know it's a bit of a tired subject but if the issue is still the same then what's stopping the change? Is the consumer the problem? I adore today's models, Chanel, Daria, Karlie all have their place amongst the top models but is it really that horrible to have one model that is curvier (and if I hear one more person refer to Lara Stone as curvy I'm going to scream).

This sounds more like a rant doesn't it. Well let's just clarify. I love models and am often envious of all the fantastic clothes they get to wear if only for a few short moments but I just wish there was more diversity when it comes to sizes, they occasionally let slip a 5' 6'' waif-like girl so why not a size 6 and don't tell me because that isn't the sample size. Being the better model should equal getting the spread, ad or cover regardless of size.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a farewell to Bryant Park

New York fashion week fast approaches and the mad dash begins for the last minute preparations, as designers, writers, models and all those in between get ready for the whirlwind of a ride that the coming week will bring... all the months of planning and sleepless nights are all for a few minutes down the runway when your work is put on display for what a hundred witness, and what millions will later see in magazines, on blogs and in websites and stores.

The anticipation is killing me, a mere spectator, so I couldn't even imagine what a designer must feel like.

I am particularly looking forward to, what will surely be a memorable show, by Marc Jacobs. He is going to be doing a live feed for his upcoming show on Monday February 15, 2010 beginning at 8pm. Check the link.

His business partner Robert Duffy has been tweeting (I hate twitter but I HAVE been following Mr. Duffy's tweets to keep up with the news) all over the place about the upcoming show and little tid bits about what's going on in Marc's life (he's doing a movie, writing a book, doing a photo shoot with Juergen him)

I am so excited for the show! Seeing how I live in Canada and we don't have a Marc by Marc Jacobs store up here (the closest thing to getting anything by the designer from his ready to wear line is from a mucho expensive store called Holt Renfrew or hoping that Aritzia gets something.... let me tell you, they NEVER do) and I will be going to NYC this summer with my friends, so you know where we'll be stopping off for sure..... Bleeker Street here we come.

two twitpics that Robert Duffy Uploaded via Twitter (well obviously)

Wow it's funny how when you go off on tangents you really lose where you were going.....

Back on track, NY fashion week and Bryant Park. The shows will be stupendous this year (I hope) and with this being the last year that it is held in Bryant Park there has been much speculation that there will be some neat surprises in store. With a legacy of over 15 years, Bryant park has served the fashion community well, it has been a landmark of New York Fashion Week since forever. It is the place where many western designers dream of showcasing, models aspire to strut down and mini fashionistas envision as their future homes for 2 weeks out of the year.

I am sad to say that there will never be another tent seen there nor another one of Betsey Johnson's infamous cartwheels being thrown crazily down the runway, but hopefully the new (and much larger) venue at the Lincoln Center will spawn new memories and feelings and create the same sort of presence that Bryant Park has for all those years. Only time will tell, but until then I am going to pretend like Bryant Park is where fashion week will always be and take the Lincoln Center in next year.

Check out the schedule for this year's shows:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop, collaborate and listen...

While I am overjoyed that so many designers are collaborating with stores like H&M and Target, I can't help but wonder why the sudden influx of affordable designer garments. Could it be that designers have finally (at long last) come to the conclusion that the ordinary human simply can't afford their clothes? ...Hardly.

No doubt the reasoning is more selfish, like seizing the opportunity to give us regular people a small taste of how incredible their clothing can be, and then ripping it away from us a few months later. I hate the fact that they dangle their clothing in front of our face, get us hooked, and then force us to consider actually saving up a month's rent to be able to buy a belt or cardigan or what have you.

Even so, I'm still going to try to be the first one in line at every collaboration possible.

Venetia and I actually managed to go to Target to check out the latest collaboration with Rodarte. We were somewhat disappointed considering we had gone so late that there was little left hanging on the racks. Although Venetia did manage to find a beautiful, lace-necked, baby blue dress in her size.

I left Target with nothing but a bag of jelly beans, and a monumental sense of regret for not going earlier. For your benefit, and for ours, we've decided to come up with the perfect list of rules when pursuing clothing at a severe discount.

1. Get going as soon as possible.
The longer you wait, the greater the chance some other fashion whore will snatch up your perfect outfit before you can. Get in line the first day if possible. Be kind to others, but definitely still push through the crowd to get what you want.

2. Don't be overly spontaneous.
When you see something that isn't in your size, don't go crazy and start thinking that you will lose 15 pounds overnight to fit into it. Just take a deep breath, put it back, and keep shopping with determination (it would be out of season and old news by the time you lost the weight anyways).

3. Don't disregard something because of an imperfection.
Considering we rarely throw away our favourite articles of clothing even though there is a missing button, broken zipper, or small rip...we should be just as kind to designer clothing. Think critically before buying, if something has a small rip or broken fastener ask yourself if there is anyway that you can repair it. Buttons can easily be sewn back on, and sometimes holes can be stitched up. Also, if you bring it up to the sales staff you may even be able to get a further discount! Forget trying to get rid of stains though, that is just too disgusting.

4. Even if you are unsure about whether you really want to buy an item or not, just buy it. Chances are you will end up wearing it eventually, and you'll only regret it if you don't buy it. Designers only do collaborations every so often, and really how many chances will you have to buy a Rodarte dress for under fifty dollars?

5. There is power in numbers.
Definitely take a friend that is equally interested in fashion with you, there is a great power in going in a big group because you can cover more ground that way. Split up, or stay together, just make sure that you are looking out for your friends as well. If you see a dress that you think will look sweet on your friend then check the size and pick it up for her.

I'm sure through our various adventures to collaborations or discount designer shopping, we'll be adding more strategies and pointers to the list.

For the meantime, here is an upcoming list of Target collaborations:

March 7—Jean Paul Gaultier’s Designer Collaboration

March 14—Liberty of London (apparel and accessories for women, men, and children, plus decor, garden and storage/organization for the home)

April 18—Cynthia Vincent (footwear collection)

April 18—Eugenia Kim (hats)

April 25—Zac Posen’s Go International collection

i got it from my momma.....well my friend's

This hat is absolutely crazy. It was given to my friend by her mother (who used to wear it in the 80's I'm guessing) and somehow I ended up jacking it. It's slowly becoming one of my favorite pieces in my (yup I just said my friend's hat is now my piece) wardrobe and I find myself trying to sneak it into EVERY outfit. Cases in point:

Is it necessary..... I think so...

Cardigan Joe Fresh. Watch Vintage. Shorts Homemade. Tank Unknown.

I wore this to class a few days ago because I thought perhaps the frigid cold weather was taking a day off... to my bad luck the sun shinning does NOT mean it's warm out! I was freezing that day.... well everything except my head/ears which were fortunate enough to have the luck of this magnificent tuque. Don't get me wrong I adore the hat but it also makes me laugh how no matter what you pair it with, it always seems to give off the "tacky but interesting" feel... but I guess it's a look that I am really taken by since the majority of my outfits do have a bit of a ridiculously tacky flair.

Animal Prints...... Can't live with 'em but wouldn't dare to even think about living without 'em.
With that in mind why don't you try an animal print? There is a catch, you must pair it in the most ludicrous way imaginable.... stripes, argyle, polka dots, do it however you want, after all fashion is about having fun and being daring all at the same time. Do you think any good fashionista got anywhere by being cautious?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The College Kid

Hey All!

Well this is my very first blog.... I've been super interested in fashion for awhile now, so I thought this would be a great way for me to to organize all my thoughts and opinions on the new (and old), the designers I adore and my love of street fashion. Hope it works.
'Till the next post, Adieu.