Thursday, December 16, 2010

British Men Do It Better

Mark Ronson, Jamie Hince, Russell Brand and so many other British men.... they all seem to have such an innate sense of style. They wear whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want. they don't care if they are wearing something that is typically regarded women's wear (Jamie Hince wore a pair of super short shorts while on vacation and didn't care). They wear their clothes with confidence and heads held high. They have their own style and it seems like no one will ever make them change.

I'm not saying that other men aren't stylish, I'm simply pointing out that it seems like the Brits just do it better and I love every minute of it. How many guys around you choose to accessorize with scarves, slouchy boots, tons of necklaces or change their ungraying white?

They all seem to have a sense of quirky style that is unique to the Brits. They have a look.