Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop, collaborate and listen...

While I am overjoyed that so many designers are collaborating with stores like H&M and Target, I can't help but wonder why the sudden influx of affordable designer garments. Could it be that designers have finally (at long last) come to the conclusion that the ordinary human simply can't afford their clothes? ...Hardly.

No doubt the reasoning is more selfish, like seizing the opportunity to give us regular people a small taste of how incredible their clothing can be, and then ripping it away from us a few months later. I hate the fact that they dangle their clothing in front of our face, get us hooked, and then force us to consider actually saving up a month's rent to be able to buy a belt or cardigan or what have you.

Even so, I'm still going to try to be the first one in line at every collaboration possible.

Venetia and I actually managed to go to Target to check out the latest collaboration with Rodarte. We were somewhat disappointed considering we had gone so late that there was little left hanging on the racks. Although Venetia did manage to find a beautiful, lace-necked, baby blue dress in her size.

I left Target with nothing but a bag of jelly beans, and a monumental sense of regret for not going earlier. For your benefit, and for ours, we've decided to come up with the perfect list of rules when pursuing clothing at a severe discount.

1. Get going as soon as possible.
The longer you wait, the greater the chance some other fashion whore will snatch up your perfect outfit before you can. Get in line the first day if possible. Be kind to others, but definitely still push through the crowd to get what you want.

2. Don't be overly spontaneous.
When you see something that isn't in your size, don't go crazy and start thinking that you will lose 15 pounds overnight to fit into it. Just take a deep breath, put it back, and keep shopping with determination (it would be out of season and old news by the time you lost the weight anyways).

3. Don't disregard something because of an imperfection.
Considering we rarely throw away our favourite articles of clothing even though there is a missing button, broken zipper, or small rip...we should be just as kind to designer clothing. Think critically before buying, if something has a small rip or broken fastener ask yourself if there is anyway that you can repair it. Buttons can easily be sewn back on, and sometimes holes can be stitched up. Also, if you bring it up to the sales staff you may even be able to get a further discount! Forget trying to get rid of stains though, that is just too disgusting.

4. Even if you are unsure about whether you really want to buy an item or not, just buy it. Chances are you will end up wearing it eventually, and you'll only regret it if you don't buy it. Designers only do collaborations every so often, and really how many chances will you have to buy a Rodarte dress for under fifty dollars?

5. There is power in numbers.
Definitely take a friend that is equally interested in fashion with you, there is a great power in going in a big group because you can cover more ground that way. Split up, or stay together, just make sure that you are looking out for your friends as well. If you see a dress that you think will look sweet on your friend then check the size and pick it up for her.

I'm sure through our various adventures to collaborations or discount designer shopping, we'll be adding more strategies and pointers to the list.

For the meantime, here is an upcoming list of Target collaborations:

March 7—Jean Paul Gaultier’s Designer Collaboration

March 14—Liberty of London (apparel and accessories for women, men, and children, plus decor, garden and storage/organization for the home)

April 18—Cynthia Vincent (footwear collection)

April 18—Eugenia Kim (hats)

April 25—Zac Posen’s Go International collection

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