Thursday, April 29, 2010

the art of fashion

I've always found it interesting how fashion is able to affect art and art can affect fashion. The way to forms of creative expression can be symbiotically influential is amazing. There have been countless designers who have used their favorite artists as inspirations in their collection. some even going as far as having them collaborate and create entire designs specifically for their pieces. 

Take, for example, Marc Jacobs' inspiration for his 2001 collection of handbags for Louis Vuitton. He used Stephen Sprouse's famous graffitied writing on the bags and had made them limited edition. Needless to say the hand bags sold quickly and were a hit.  

Stephen Sprouse Collaboration

In 2003, Marc orchestrated another collaboration. This time with famed Japanese designer Takashi Murakami. The newly colorful monogram could be seen everywhere (with the emergence of many FAKES being sold on sketchy corners or in the back of corner stores). Marc Jacobs' love of art translated into his collections and, may have potentially, exposed a whole group of people to artists they may never have heard of. 

interview about the collaboration (WATCH!)

It's not only paintings and sculptures that are influences upon designers but also the art of photography. Hedi Slimane (former designer of Dior Hommes) left the fashion designing world in favor of photography. He uses his love of fashion and combines it with his love of art (and rake thin male models) to make extremely interesting black and white (and on occasion colored) photos. Slimane has a "web diary" where he posts many of the photos he has taken for ad campaigns, magazines or for fun. 

Ash Stymest on the cover of Vogue Japan (shot by Hedi Slimane)

Sometimes the love of art even drags a designer over to the "other" side completely. Todd Oldham was a promising young designer in the 90's with a bright future in fashion ahead of him. He was known for his bold colors and great designs. He believes that everything is art and wants to be able to explore every aspect of it (ranging from furniture, hotel designs, clothing, paintings, etc.).

He left fashion in 1997 and in 2005 he was the curator of an art show in L.A.

Fashion and art can be seen as being one. They influence each other all the time and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

coco avant chanel

Before I watched the movie, I had expectations about how it would be completely based on fashion, sort of like a documentary of Coco Chanel creating her empire. The movie however, is more about how young Gabrielle Chanel (played by Audrey Tautou) earns the nickname of "Coco" than it is about her later life when she actually designs her clothes. It's really about her struggle to succeed and free herself from the confusing relationships in her life in order to become who she wants to be.

It's extremely romantic, colourful, and sad. And although the ending seems slightly abrupt, it seems logical once you remember the story is true. After all, not all stories can be neatly wrapped up under two hours, especially when they are based on real life. I love Coco Chanel even more after watching this movie, because her spirit is so strong, determined, and entirely feminist (so as to not crush my dreams, let's just pretend it was an entirely accurate depiction of Coco Chanel even if it wasn't, ok?)

Normally I have my "go to" movies that I will never get sick of, that I usually watch when I'm in certain moods. These movies include Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and He's Just Not That Into You. I'm happy to announce that I will most definitely be adding Coco Avant Chanel to that mix.

Please do me a favour though and watch this movie for the first time when
a) You are alone
b) You aren't in a good mood (you don't necessarily have to be in a BAD mood, but don't be happy when watching it for the first time)
c) You aren't shoving your face full of popcorn
d) You have a computer nearby to research Coco Chanel's life after you watch the movie. Trust me, you'll want to!

Alright, I'm done. It's fantastic, go out and rent it...enough said.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

adding a little bit of carrie to my life

I know I'm a bit behind the times when it comes to the classic HBO series, Sex and the City, but needless to say that being at home without my roommates (who all left me this past week since they had no upcoming exams) I was left to own devices and had to occupy my time sans distractions, conversations or anything from someone besides myself and found my gaze falling on the hit television series.  

Although I had always heard such amazing things about the show I never really thought that it would live up to its hype and being the third wheel in conversation like "who are you for, Big or Aiden" or the "what character do you relate with most"didn't help the hype to death factor. Well, it did live up to the hype and now I'm hooked. I've gone through two complete seasons about two days and I'm dying for more. 

I think had I watched it a few years ago, I wouldn't really have gotten many of the references or thought that a lot of the relationship issues made sense. Let me tell you, where I'm at now in my life I get what they are trying to say. I'm not very old but I think I've seen more and experienced a fragment more and that knowledge has caused the emotional connection with this show that countless women felt when they first saw this show back in 1998. 

I like that I can live vicariously through them whether it be experiencing love, loss and even hear tidbits of advice. The four single and fabulous ladies that have been occupying my laptop screen for hours at a time are becoming parts of my life (yup that's how lonely I am, fake friends on a television show are now my new besties). The fact that the show is based out of the amazing city of New York makes that little bit more exciting. 

Taken from Entertainment Weekly from season 1 episode 11

I often times find myself laughing, literally, out loud at some of the dialogue and situations that the characters find themselves in. It's fun and emotional. It's everything I thought it would be and more. 

I don't know why I waited so long to join the Sex and the City cult but I finally have and I don't intend on leaving it anytime soon.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

urban outfitters

Everyone knows the store (or has at least heard mention of it by someone). The place where the trendy go to get basics and and the hip buy their furniture. Urban Outfitters is amazing but I am sad to say that my shopping ventures there never seem to go past dreamily browsing through their online store.

Their website shows many of the items that they have in store as well as in their online catalogue. They have the absolute cutest summer items. Their floral dresses and and cute flats are worth making the trip to Toronto to see. Some of my favorite pieces are

the brodie strapless chambray dress

the kimichi blue lace romper

They even have a vintage section for all you old school aficionados. Their vintage pieces claim to be one of a kind handcrafted items. These vintage items do run a bit higher priced than their non vintage counter parts but isn't that how it always is with vintage?

urban renewal chiffon dot ruffle blouse

The store is also filled with fun ideas for rooms, such as old school styled furniture, cute little hooks along with drapes, bedding and little dresser organizers like jewelry boxes and ring holders.

Within their cute bedding section they have THE most adorable pillow cases imaginable. Some of these have animals (like the all so popular owl) or you can have a neat little saying on it like a pillow case that has a puzzle design with the words ME and YOU written inside the pieces

If you wanted you could even go and buy a painting or a print from their art section. They are pretty neat but just know that you could also get them printed as an iphone skin, laptop cover or as a gallery quality art print.

Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have bought something from the store I claim is amazing and "oh so cute" so that I can actually be a credible witness to its adorableness. And with the roommie shopping trip to buffalo fast approach (mainly for the ZAC POSEN collaboration with Target), hopefully we will stop at the local Urban Outfitters and I'll have gotten at least one thing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Scarf

Since the extremely sad passing of Alexander McQueen on February 11th, I had made it my goal to purchase one of his wildly popular skull scarves. These had been abundant a few years ago, with celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Ashlee Simpson wearing them constantly. Well, two weeks ago I finally bought one (off ebay) and I am ecstatic to announce that it has finally arrived! I almost don't even want to remove the tags, or even breathe on it since the chiffon looks that fragile!
Thank you Mr. McQueen, for allowing me this small happiness in the form of something so simple yet truly incredible. It was a shame the fashion industry had to lose you.

Friday, April 2, 2010

lg fashion week

Us with our Bestie Adrian Mainella

IZMA fashion show


Opening words from Robyn Kay

Fashion Environment Area (this is where we worked)

All in all it was a whirlwind of a few couple of days and I wouldn't have it any other way.... sorry for the lack of IZMA photos... I thought there would be more of the show but none of them turned out well at all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a dash of adrian with a pinch of IZMA and a little bit of jeanne on the side

So as we previously mentioned we volunteered for Lg Fashion Week (Toronto's special little thing). Let me just tell you right now, it was AMAZING! There were so many things to look at it was crazy. The first day, we volunteered for the Party of Style Part I and the IZMA (Adrian Mainella's line.... you know that guy that was on Fashion File) show. We also got a photo with the designer.

Not only did we get an awesome photo with the designer (who was so sweet and asked our names and than personally thanked us by name for helping out with the "behind the scenes") we also caught glimpse of model scout extraordinaire, Elmer Olsen, dare I say it.... boyfriend. Love him, you know he was the guy who discovered Daria. Well anyways, besides Elmer (yup first names for us), we also saw the infamous and crazy Jeanne Becker. Well we didn't exactly see her full on, I saw the side of her face and Kiley only heard her. It was a little taste but I loved it.

Aaaaand we also managed to grab a swag bag. It was pretty sweet.

We also managed to sneak into see our very first fashion show... it was for IZMA. It was so good. I am not going to explain the pieces, we have pictures and videos so you can check it out for yourself. There will b posted soon.

On the second day we were able to see the two television personalities from Cosmo Tv, Wilder Weir (hot!) and Josie. We also were able to see the socialite, Ainsley Kerr and the blogger Nolan Bryant. Apart from having to stand at the entrance way with the creepiest security guard it was a pretty sweet job. We are most definitely going to volunteer in the fall for the spring/summer shows. It was such an amazing experience. You don't really get to see the shows but the whole experience and knowing that behind a wall a show is happening and you are helping with the event makes it worth it. I think next year though we should take a day off and come and actually spend the day watching the shows as well.

What more can I say than I'm hooked. I love it. The whole atmosphere of the shows and all. hopefully next year a backstage can be an option. How cool would that be, watching the models get ready, seeing the clothes before they even go out.

Gah... can't wait until next year!