Saturday, February 20, 2010

the hipster

When people hear the word HIPSTER, they automatically jump to one of three conclusion:

1. what the eff is that?
2. hipsters are pretentious wannabes and snobs and should all die
3. *sigh* I wish I was a hipster...

For those of you who do NOT know what a hipster is, here, let me break it down to you. You know those people who you look at and you kind of like their style even with all of the ironic glasses, t- shirts, facial hair (think handle bar mustache), mismatched colors (that somehow manage to look good) and pairing super expensive shoes with a thrift shop jacket.

They have an intense love for the off beat and unknown bands and movies. If their former band becomes popular and the mainstream start to listen to them they will automatically drop them in favor of a lesser known group. They hang out in grimy bars and associate with the artsy type (think photogs and musicians) all the while sipping their Pabst, Budweiser or something of that sort. They most of all pretend not to care about what they "throw" on their body (yes that ripped shirt is intentionally ripped in that exact spot) when they meticulously plan everything down to the vintage wrist watch they chose to wear that day.

Oh and don't forget tons and tons of plaid.

Look for them/try and spot them out in a crowd. Are they not exactly as I described?

For all the haters, you guys should just let them be. They've brought a whole style to the mainstream. Do I love a hipster? Well yeah. They tend to be great dressers and have their own sense of who they are (or at least who they are trying to be). They are THE re-inventors of the geek chic movement. They make it cool to be gawky and weird and have an off beat talent or interest. The hipster made being awkward a sort of exclusive club that everyone wants to be apart of... well not everyone.

Photo found on via Bobby H (click picture to see full view)

The photo above is a perfect example of great hipster style. Note the low cut V-neck, the ironic eyeware (that isn't at all necessary for seeing) and the tightly fitting jeans.... GREAT!

The city where I go to school has a serious lack in hipsters (crazy, I know!) and so when Kiley and I see one when we venture to different places, we do not act like sane individuals. We stare, whisper to one another and then proceed to giggle as soon as we think they are out of ear shot (let me tell you, we never wait long enough and it is most certain that they hear us). Needless to say that I, not only like the hipster "culture", I love it and wish I was apart of it (but everyone knows that no good or legitimate hipster wants to be a hipster, they just are one)

Will I ever be a hipster? Probably not. Will I ever stop my fascination? Eventually, but until then I am content staring, admiring and wishing I could be both as put together and laissez faire as a hipster. Until then wish me luck.

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