Tuesday, April 13, 2010

urban outfitters

Everyone knows the store (or has at least heard mention of it by someone). The place where the trendy go to get basics and and the hip buy their furniture. Urban Outfitters is amazing but I am sad to say that my shopping ventures there never seem to go past dreamily browsing through their online store.

Their website shows many of the items that they have in store as well as in their online catalogue. They have the absolute cutest summer items. Their floral dresses and and cute flats are worth making the trip to Toronto to see. Some of my favorite pieces are

the brodie strapless chambray dress

the kimichi blue lace romper

They even have a vintage section for all you old school aficionados. Their vintage pieces claim to be one of a kind handcrafted items. These vintage items do run a bit higher priced than their non vintage counter parts but isn't that how it always is with vintage?

urban renewal chiffon dot ruffle blouse

The store is also filled with fun ideas for rooms, such as old school styled furniture, cute little hooks along with drapes, bedding and little dresser organizers like jewelry boxes and ring holders.

Within their cute bedding section they have THE most adorable pillow cases imaginable. Some of these have animals (like the all so popular owl) or you can have a neat little saying on it like a pillow case that has a puzzle design with the words ME and YOU written inside the pieces

If you wanted you could even go and buy a painting or a print from their art section. They are pretty neat but just know that you could also get them printed as an iphone skin, laptop cover or as a gallery quality art print.

Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have bought something from the store I claim is amazing and "oh so cute" so that I can actually be a credible witness to its adorableness. And with the roommie shopping trip to buffalo fast approach (mainly for the ZAC POSEN collaboration with Target), hopefully we will stop at the local Urban Outfitters and I'll have gotten at least one thing.

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