Thursday, April 29, 2010

the art of fashion

I've always found it interesting how fashion is able to affect art and art can affect fashion. The way to forms of creative expression can be symbiotically influential is amazing. There have been countless designers who have used their favorite artists as inspirations in their collection. some even going as far as having them collaborate and create entire designs specifically for their pieces. 

Take, for example, Marc Jacobs' inspiration for his 2001 collection of handbags for Louis Vuitton. He used Stephen Sprouse's famous graffitied writing on the bags and had made them limited edition. Needless to say the hand bags sold quickly and were a hit.  

Stephen Sprouse Collaboration

In 2003, Marc orchestrated another collaboration. This time with famed Japanese designer Takashi Murakami. The newly colorful monogram could be seen everywhere (with the emergence of many FAKES being sold on sketchy corners or in the back of corner stores). Marc Jacobs' love of art translated into his collections and, may have potentially, exposed a whole group of people to artists they may never have heard of. 

interview about the collaboration (WATCH!)

It's not only paintings and sculptures that are influences upon designers but also the art of photography. Hedi Slimane (former designer of Dior Hommes) left the fashion designing world in favor of photography. He uses his love of fashion and combines it with his love of art (and rake thin male models) to make extremely interesting black and white (and on occasion colored) photos. Slimane has a "web diary" where he posts many of the photos he has taken for ad campaigns, magazines or for fun. 

Ash Stymest on the cover of Vogue Japan (shot by Hedi Slimane)

Sometimes the love of art even drags a designer over to the "other" side completely. Todd Oldham was a promising young designer in the 90's with a bright future in fashion ahead of him. He was known for his bold colors and great designs. He believes that everything is art and wants to be able to explore every aspect of it (ranging from furniture, hotel designs, clothing, paintings, etc.).

He left fashion in 1997 and in 2005 he was the curator of an art show in L.A.

Fashion and art can be seen as being one. They influence each other all the time and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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