Thursday, April 1, 2010

a dash of adrian with a pinch of IZMA and a little bit of jeanne on the side

So as we previously mentioned we volunteered for Lg Fashion Week (Toronto's special little thing). Let me just tell you right now, it was AMAZING! There were so many things to look at it was crazy. The first day, we volunteered for the Party of Style Part I and the IZMA (Adrian Mainella's line.... you know that guy that was on Fashion File) show. We also got a photo with the designer.

Not only did we get an awesome photo with the designer (who was so sweet and asked our names and than personally thanked us by name for helping out with the "behind the scenes") we also caught glimpse of model scout extraordinaire, Elmer Olsen, dare I say it.... boyfriend. Love him, you know he was the guy who discovered Daria. Well anyways, besides Elmer (yup first names for us), we also saw the infamous and crazy Jeanne Becker. Well we didn't exactly see her full on, I saw the side of her face and Kiley only heard her. It was a little taste but I loved it.

Aaaaand we also managed to grab a swag bag. It was pretty sweet.

We also managed to sneak into see our very first fashion show... it was for IZMA. It was so good. I am not going to explain the pieces, we have pictures and videos so you can check it out for yourself. There will b posted soon.

On the second day we were able to see the two television personalities from Cosmo Tv, Wilder Weir (hot!) and Josie. We also were able to see the socialite, Ainsley Kerr and the blogger Nolan Bryant. Apart from having to stand at the entrance way with the creepiest security guard it was a pretty sweet job. We are most definitely going to volunteer in the fall for the spring/summer shows. It was such an amazing experience. You don't really get to see the shows but the whole experience and knowing that behind a wall a show is happening and you are helping with the event makes it worth it. I think next year though we should take a day off and come and actually spend the day watching the shows as well.

What more can I say than I'm hooked. I love it. The whole atmosphere of the shows and all. hopefully next year a backstage can be an option. How cool would that be, watching the models get ready, seeing the clothes before they even go out.

Gah... can't wait until next year!

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  1. thanks for the shout-out girls!