Friday, March 26, 2010

welcome to the Garden...

H&M released their new "garden collection" on the world yesterday and I am happy to report that it did not disappoint (although I'm sure I will be disappointed when everything sells out before I have the chance to snatch something up!) The line is made with environmentally adapted materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and organic linen which the company proudly boasts will "contribute to a more sustainable world". Whether or not you believe in going green, the cheap prices and soft fabrics are still enough to entice you to buy from the collection.
I have not had the chance to go to H&M yet to buy something (although I will report my findings on Saturday), but an employee friend has informed me that it is selling out fast! The collection itself is spring/summer 2010 so expect loads of florals, cute patterned summer dresses, light airy fabrics in white or tan, and a some of adorable shorts (think safari inspired khaki). Also I found there to be a lot of bright blue and bright red garments which just scream WEAR ME. The thing I like most about the collection is that it is not for the weak hearted or fashion scaredy cats. Most collections I've noticed are either too "blah" to bother wearing, or they just don't catch my eye enough. Most of the pieces in this collection however, are loud statement pieces (especially some of the more intensely coloured dresses) and must be worn very simply without a lot of accessories. Finally, a collection that actually makes me WANT to spend money (the prices I found extremely reasonable as well, some pieces I'd even be willing to spend more on!)

Here are some pieces so you can get an idea of the collection.
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white eyelet dress $24.95 USD
works as a beach coverup or a sweet dress

a crazy steal at $19.95 USD
also comes in bright blue for the more brave

functions as either a tunic or a dress $24.95 USD

unfortunately not all the pieces can be knockouts
pair extremely high waisted pants, a straw boater hat and gold strappy heels
floral corset $17.95 USD

definitely a statement piece, only for the fearless fashionista!
floral dress $19.95 USD

a mix of two floral patterns create a unique summer look
dress $17.95 USD

one of my favourite pieces, simple but perfect
capped sleeve dress $12.95 USD

be sure to wear with a simple top!

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