Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lg fashion week

So this year I decided to go and volunteer for Lg Fashion Week. I am so excited! I was assigned to work in the fasion environment, whatever that means. But anyways, I am super excited and I just know that it will be an experience that I'll remember.

First day is on Sunday for the late shift. They told us to wear black bottoms and black shoes (well she said try to make them as black as possible) and then they give us an oversized dress shirt that has the company sponsoring the event.... makes me feel a bit like a walking ad whore but I guess they got to get things out somehow and what better way than have dozens of walking billboards...

Oh, and if you get a chance, come and check out some of the shows, or buy a ticket for one of the parties (yup they sell tickets to the parties). I'll let you know how everything goes and maybe even sneak a couple of pics to show what it's like in for the volunteers.

Wish me luck.

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