Thursday, March 25, 2010

searching for the perfect pair of oxfords

I absolutely love oxfords. They are cute and functional, a rarity sometimes in fashion . They seem to be able to be paired with anything from the most girly dress to a pair of slacks that hit just above the ankle.

Urban Outfitters

There is only one problem with these shoes for me, I have a size 10 foot and these shoes don't seem to be very accommodating for us big footed people. They are either too small or too narrow. I feel like a giantess when I go into a store ask for a size 10 and they don't fit and then have to ask if they carry size 11. Gah it's times like these I wish I were shorter or had smaller feet.

I am now running on three failed attempts at finding a pair that fit my feet.

First up we have these cute little things, they were the first pair that I tried on. The salesperson brought them out and I thought she was joking when she pulled out these itty bitty things.... they looked like baby shoes. No lie. So disappointing.


Next up we have these. Saw them on a clerk and thought they were adorable (I should probably mention that she was like 5'4" with tiny feet). Asked for a 10 and I couldn't even get my heel in. I asked if they carried 11's and she said yes but they didn't have any in at that time. She then tried to make me feel better about my large feet not fitting into them by saying, "yeah these shoes run a bit small. I had to go up a whole size but they do stretch out." Thanks betch, you made me feel so much better.

Steve Madden

And these are my dream pair.... the ones that I long for and pray will fit me perfectly. I have yet to venture to Toronto to try them on and see if they are meant to be. Fingers crossed.

Urban Outfitters

I am getting sick of it... the endless search... but let's face it I'll never give up until I find the perfect ones.

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