Thursday, May 27, 2010

what the ad

After reading numerous accounts of TWO new LV ads being removed from print for apparently failing to be "authentic" (and being a tad misleading), I started to think why does it really matter? We have so many other ads that are equally as misleading if not more so. Why then chose a handbag ad to set an example? 

So what if the ad might have stretched the amount of truth behind how much hand stitching goes into their work? So what? Why take down an interesting and beautifully done ad? 

(one of the two ads recently removed by the ASA)

When you think about it, what ad isn’t misleading in one way or another? What about all those pad/tampon ads? Aren’t they misleading? With their galloping women in white pants looking happy and excited to be on their period... Now if that isn’t misleading then I’m a bit confused. 
We all want a fantasy. A little lie to make that little something a bit more unique is fine by me (as long as the truth isn't stretched to point of idiocy). 
LV was showing a tiny portion from the history of their tradition and the quality that they believe their bags have. Nowhere did they put in big bold letters, “made entirely by hand” in their advertisement. They merely stated that patience, thread and time (give or take a few words) go into making each piece. 

Maybe the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) should concentrate on removing ads that are more destructive in their deceits, like the overly photoshopped bodies of women, the overzealous reactions of women on their periods or maybe the utterly fake, unwrinkled skin of middle aged women in beauty advertisements.

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